Wedding Venue Inspirations
31 Mar 2015

Wedding Venue Inspirations

Desert Plantation | Best Louisiana Wedding Venues

New Orleans Southern Style weddingFor most of us, our dream wedding began taking form in our imagination years ago. As we developed into young women our experiences also help to contribute to our idea of that perfect wedding venue. Through the years I have spoken with many brides and many brides to be and the number one request is always, “I want a beautiful outdoor wedding near water and nature.” Best Louisiana Wedding venues is defined differently by each person. Let’s take a closer look.

Nature and Weddings

There is something natural about including nature in your special day. In fact most of the wedding albums I look at incorporate heavily beautiful outdoor photography. Trees are a common item of nature seen in wedding photos. People love posing near all types of wonderful trees. From the solid oak to the Baldcypress and Southern magnolia, these trees are a part of our lives and we associate them with happy times. At the Desert Plantation we have some of the most massive beautiful trees you will ever see.

Water sources are another popular wedding venue inspiration. In fact many of the best Louisiana wedding venues offer water features of some sort. Water is a highly requested component of a successful wedding. People enjoy the look of water sources as a back drop for any wedding photo. And at Desert Plantation nature is blooming through some of the most beautiful water views.

Another popular wedding inspiration is rustic. People love the rustic richness of wood, stone and that real old and sophisticated character. Rustic wedding always inspire me. That masculinity in the old wood is amazing. If you scroll through our gallery you will notice all of these natural elements brought out with style and grace. So many beautiful weddings. Where will your wedding dream come true? If you choose Desert Plantation, you choose tradition and Louisiana richness.

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