Hot Wedding Trends
18 May 2015

Hot Wedding Trends

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We have seen some really interesting trends develop in weddings. Of course each individual bride has her own likes and dislikes. And their own idea of that perfect wedding. Because we plan to get married once we plan to make that day as close to perfection as possible. Desert Plantation works with a close list of vendors who have all developed an incredible rapport and very harmonized working relationship. Our team is focused only on you and your wedding.

Wedding Trends | Return To Old World Charm

You may not be a Kim Kardashian fan but you have to admit that she really raised the bar and inspired many of us when she threw her extravagant reception in Versailles in May 24 of 2014. Yes, many of us still opt in for the old rustic charm which has been going strong for years. We have seen many weddings begin turning to something more classy and glamorous. Not that rustic is not classy but that old world charm is certainly inspiring.

Smaller Parties

The wedding always leads to a great reception. Its all about the party. We have seen many brides prefer a smaller more intimate reception where more intimate conversations take place. Desert Plantation is the perfect wedding venue for small or large parties. Whichever is your preference we can certainly accommodate.

More Than One Wedding Dress

When couples unite and become one, they each bring their own experiences and culture into the marriage. We have seen many brides buy two dresses. One that is the traditional white and a second that is more representative of the grooms or the bride’s culture. When speaking to different brides we found that many prefer a second dress which is shorter and easier for the night of dancing.

Whatever your style may be, Desert Plantation is the perfect choice for any wedding venue. We have one of the most beautiful historical properties in Louisiana and can make your special day a real memory.

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