When Planning a Wedding
18 Apr 2015

When Planning a Wedding

Desert Plantation | Planning A Wedding

Louisiana offers some of the most beautiful landscape in the country. Nature really displays an awesome performance with big beautiful trees, moss covered limbs, natural water elements, all inspiring us to live and love. When planning a wedding in Louisiana there are some key points to consider. Planning a wedding does not have to be difficult. Just relax and follow the things you love.

Who are your guests and how many people will be coming?

Its important to consider your guests. If your guests do not have a good time, you will not have a good time. When planning your wedding you have to consider if there will be any children present. If so, you will need to accommodate them. Also, will there be any elderly people who may not get around so easily. Again, you will have to consider their needs as well. In addition, how many guests do you plan to invite? Choosing the right venue will play a big part in making sure all your guests are comfortable.

What will be the theme of your wedding?

Weddings are one of the most traditional events we can experience. Many people still opt in for the white wedding and religious wedding. Today however we are seeing a mix in religions and cultures. The groom and bride may not be of the same religion and may bring different cultures into the relationship. Therefore you have to consider both when planning your wedding. Make sure that when you plan the theme of your wedding you consider both sides of the family.

Location Location Location

You may get everything right, but get the location wrong and the whole wedding becomes a disaster. Choosing the right location is imperative for any successful wedding. The Desert Plantation is the perfect location for any and every wedding. We have been hosting successful weddings for over 40 years and can accommodate any wedding theme. Call us today and let us go to work for your successful day.

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